Melbourne Sales Office
01 / Sep. 22. 2020
Melbourne Sales Office Integration mode: integration module View More
South Africa Project
02 / Sep. 22. 2020
South Africa Project House type: two buildings, two rooms, one hall and garage View More
Project Cases
03 / Sep. 22. 2020
Project Cases Qinhuangdao Development Zone Management Committee, Qinhuangdao Jinmeng Bay, ANshan BMW 4S Shop, Tangshan Wanda View More
Smart bulb
04 / Sep. 22. 2020
Smart bulb Use with the group function to control multiple products at the same time View More
Video display of finished case of building office platform
05 / Sep. 22. 2020
Video display of finished case of build... Comprehensive perception and visual display of building control, fire protection, security, environment, etc View More

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